Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas Performance - 44th Noel Night

     One passes by Hannan House a million times on the bus, in a car, or by whatever means of transportation. It is one of those places you see, but never pay attention too. Inside Hannan House is the Hannan House Cafe. A small space filled with tables in an open space was one of many venues to host Detroit`s 44th Noel Night.

     Keith Gamble Quartet took to the stage for one set of Christmas music for a full house. One could feel passion for Christmas music performed in a pure jazz style. Keith Gamble Quartet began its set with The First Noel. After The First Noel was a solo performance of O Come, O Come Emmanuel by saxophonist Keith Gamble. Keith Gamble`s performance of O Come, O Come Emmanuel was soulful and spell-bounding. Following O Come, O Come Emmanuel was a quartet performance of What Child Is This. Keyboardist Mike Evans played a spectacular solo on What Child Is This that was rewarded with rave applause. After What Child Is This was The Little Drummer Boy, and drummer Marcus Hunter did not disappoint. Marcus Hunter established the tenor for The Little Drummer Boy, which included a drum solo by Hunter. Bassist Craig Tyner anchored the band with his strong and cohesive performance.

     As always, Keith Gamble Quartet closed-out their set with The Flintstones. The Flintstones theme is always a crowd favorite with audiences. Hard to believe it was only one hour. It had to be one of Keith Gamble Quartet`s finest gigs. Every Christmas piece performed was like hearing it for the first time. Bravo!

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