Monday, January 31, 2011

End of the Line For Creative Tradition

     That phrase, "end of the line" is used quite often in the Billy Wilder film Double Indemnity as the dramatic triangle goes bad. This is not the case with the performance poetry/avant-garde jazz ensemble Creative Tradition, but as of the week of January 23, 2011, Creative Tradition is no longer a performing ensemble. Due to the low volumn of performances, it was decided by urban folk poet Wardell Montgomery Jr., and I to disband Creative Tradition.

     Wardell and I will go our seperate ways  as artist, but we are continuing our friendship, and love for our respective arts. I will be calling upon Wardell to join me in various avant-garde jazz projects where he will provide spoken word in selected compositions, and I am hopeful that Wardell will call upon me from time to time.

     Those of you who are Creative Tradition fans, or supporters of performance poetry, you can still pruchase Creative Tradition`s CD - Do I Have To Live Like This. You can purchase your CD from Wardell Montgomery, or myself by emailing me at You can also go to Street Corner Music at 26020 Greenfield, in Oak Park, MI. I do urge you to get a CD, because once they`re gone that`s it.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meaning, Truth, and Understanding

     People ask me why Meaning, Truth, and Understanding for a CD title? I view these words as being important to our metaphysical and cognitive existence. Meaning is one`s purpose or intention. As an artist I believe the role of an artist is to create, preserve, and promote the art that an artist participates. I am passionate about post-bop jazz, and enjoy playing avant-garde jazz and free jazz. Based upon the definition of Meaning, my artistic purpose or intention is to expand the music`s repertoire, and provide continued performances of post-bop, and avant-garde jazz well into the 21st century.

     Three pieces from Meaning, Truth, and Understanding are great examples of  "Meaning". If Meaning is purpose or intent, Black Men Used As Guinea Pigs, and Side Effects are intended to be outright post-bop pieces. Both pieces are apart of a hard driving acoustic jazz tradition. Black Men Used As Guinea Pigs has modal material that creates tension, and goes into bop chordal progressions, while Side Effects is post-bop with a hard-bop spirit. Cycle Of Life is an avant-garde jazz piece in performance. Yes, Cycle Of Life is post-bop, but my solo on the recording is avant-garde with  a hard blowing approach, and multiphonics produced by the tenor saxophone.

     If one reads my bio (, it should be clear I perform in a number of genres. I enjoy all the genres I play and teach: Classical (Western Art Music), Gospel, Pop/Top 40s cover, Big Band, Saxophone Ensemble, Concert Band/Wind Symphony, Reggae, Motown, and Funk, but my true passion is Jazz. Specifically post-bop and avant-garde jazz. Is Meaning, Truth, and Understanding a genuine post-bop, or avant-garde jazz recording? No. Clearly Meaning, Truth, and Understanding has post-bop compositions such as Black Men Used As Guinea Pigs, and Side Effects, and an avant-garde jazz piece with Cycle Of Life, but what about February Spring? I will leave that for the listener to decide.

     Although Meaning, Truth, and Understanding is not 100% post-bop, or avant-garde jazz, Meaning, Truth, and Understanding does remain loyal to the jazz genre. Right Hemisphere deviates from the acoustic jazz tradition with the use of an electric bass and keyboard, but conforms to a jazz standard. As for February Spring, and Good and Evil, I will leave it up to you; the listener to afix a proper labeling.

     Wynton Marsalis said it best - "jazz does not come to you; you have to go too it". I think that describe Meaning, Truth, and Understanding. You, the listener has to bring forth a musical intelligence. Based upon your prior knowledge of art, culture, jazz, and music, what is your perception of this recording? What insight can you share with the rest of us? That`s "Understanding".

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meaning, Truth, and Understanding CD Release Party

     My December 19, 2010 CD Release Party for Meaning, Truth, and Understanding at the International Institute in Detroit was a great success. If you like to read more about the Meaning, Truth, and Understanding release party, go to the Jazz Society of Greater Detroit website. Look for my entry entitled "What A Party!" You can read my write-up on the party, and go to the photo link to view pictures. More CD Release Party photos  can be found on my website at on the calender link. Click photo on the December 19 date to view pictures.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2010 Keith Gamble - Woodwind Music Lessons Christmas Recital: Highlights

     I enjoy recitals because it creates an opportunity for my students to perform, while demonstrating their musical growth and progress. Such as the case at my 2010 Christmas Recital at the International Institute in Detroit on December 19. Thanks to all my students who participated.

     There are performances from the recital that deserve special mention. Alto saxophone student Landon Van Cleave had  wonderful  performances on Nicholas Chedeville`s Three Renaissance Pieces; performing all three pieces with great confidence. Landon followed the Three Renaissance Pieces with Handel`s Gavott. Landon would appear later in the recital performing an alto saxophone duet with his cousin Christopher. This was their second performance as a duet, with their first performance as a group being in the Metropolitan Detroit Musicans League Ensemble Festival in October, also at the International Institute. Christopher and Landon performed Keith Snell`s Ten Easy Duets For Saxophone, No. 9, and The Carman`s Whistle, by William Byrd with great balance and ensemble. Returning flute and jazz studies student Oliver Newell put-on a concert himself performing  my piece called Pecuniary Blues, and Wayne Shorter`s Footprints. Oliver was accompanied by Mark Croft on keyboad, and Ronnie Overton on bass. Another fine performance was that of clarinetist, and Wayne State University Music Major Kenseye Fort. Kenseye performed two beautiful and exciting pieces unaccompanied; Rene Challan`s Flirtation, and Arabesques, by Paul Jeanjean.

     I want to say a special thanks to accompanist Walter Pookrum, Mark Croft, and basses Ronnie Overton. Thanks also to Chef Darryl Spear for providing us with  fine, and tasty refresments. Thanks to my wife Patricia, and daughter Victoria for helping to make this recital a success.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

CD for Post-Bop and Avant-Garde Jazz Fans

     If you enjoy post-bop and avant-garde jazz, you need to check-out my new CD; Meaning, Truth, and Understanding. Meaning, Truth, and Understanding contains six of my pieces that I have composed. I`m saxophonist Keith Gamble from Detroit, MI, and if you choose to follow this blog I will give you more insight on who I am as time goes-on.

     You can download Meaning, Truth, and Understanding on bandcamp, at, or go to my website at to download. While at my website check me out; you can send an email.