Thursday, July 7, 2011

Spring Recital 2011

     What is Keith Gamble - Woodwind Music Lessons? Keith Gamble - Woodwind Music Lessons is the division of Keith Gamble Music that gives private music lessons. As the name infers, Keith Gamble - Woodwind Music Lessons is a specialist in woodwind instruments - clarinet, flute, and saxophone. Although I and Keith Gamble - Woodwind Music Lessons can and do give lessons on piano, percussion, and brass instruments, Keith Gamble - Woodwind Music Lessons focus is on woodwinds.

     One of my woodwind students is Mr. Oliver Newell. Oliver Newell is an adult student who takes lessons on flute and jazz studies. Oliver was a student of mine back in the 1990s when I was owner of K.G.Musical Services in Detroit. K.G.Musical Services had contracts with Martyrs Of Uganda Catholic School to teach band and general music. Oliver was a student in the band program at Martyrs playing flute in the beginning band. In addition to playing in the band program at Martyrs Of Uganda, Oliver became a private flute student of mine. With Olivers` participation in the band program at Martyrs Of Uganda Catholic School, and his private instructions with me, Oliver ascended to an upper intermediate level of study. Oliver Newell also worked part-time with K.G.Musical Services, and was also a member of the company sponsored band called the K.G.Crew. While in high school Oliver was also a member of the U of D Jesuit H.S. band and/or orchestra. Since graduating from U of D Jesuit H.S., Oliver Newell has graduated from College in California, is raising a family, running his business. and has picked-up his flute to study the art of jazz. Oliver Newell was Keith Gamble - Woodwind Music Lessons host for this years 2011 Spring Recital.

     This years June 5, 2011, Keith Gamble - Woodwind Music Lessons Spring Recital introduces students, families, and friends to pianist Hans Barbe; piano accompanist for this year`s recital. Hans and I have worked-out a barter arrangement where Hans will accompany my music students, while I will play some free of charge performances. I have performed a couple of non-paid performances at the Phoenix Cafe in Hazel Park, MI, where Hans is part-owner. Post Bop/Avant Garde Jazz saxophonist Keith Gamble will play other performances at the Pheonix Cafe, while Hans Barbe will continue to provide background accompaniment to soloist at future performances and recitals.

     For four Keith Gamble - Woodwind Music Lessons students and families our 2011spring recital was very special. Amir Rhine-Sims (drums), Lakyra Flowers (piano), Erickson Van Cleave (piano), and Jayden Newell (alto saxophone) participated in their first recital. Fine performances by all four. Other performances followed our beginning students. These were a combination of solo and duet performances, i.e., Mr. Mark Brown (alto saxophone) playing John Coltrane`s Naima, and the Fire & Ice Saxophone Duet - consisting of alto saxophonist Christopher, and Landon Van Cleave playing works of Keith Snell, Mozart, and Prokofiev. Some of the recitals` most exciting performance came from clarinetist Kenseye Fort, with Hans Barbe accompanying on piano in performance on a Raymond Loucheur piece entitled "A Bird Cage". After Kenseye performed A Bird Cage, Kenseye was joined by his friend clarinetist Ray Cahshen as a clarinet duet. Kenseye and Ray gave us lively performances on Mike Mower`s "The Kipper", and a second piece I am unable to name at this time. Recital host Oliver Newell closed the recital performance with J.S. Bach`s Chorale From Cantata 1, and Wayne Shorter`s Nefertiti.

     Thanks to Christ The King Catholic Church for granting the use of their facility. I also want to thank my students, families, and friends who came out to  support our young musicians, and adult instrumentalist. Thanks to our accompanist Hans Barbe, and our recital host Mr. Oliver Newell.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Enjoyed my dark roast

     I did it! yes, after 12 visits I finally got my free large French roast (dark roast) coffee. Those of you who know me - knows how I drink my coffee; plain - no cream or sugar. See, I have a Biggby Coffee coffee card, and after 12 visits you get a free cup of coffee. Of course I purchase something, I mean that blueberry muffin was calling my name.

     As a coffee snob I just had to share this with you, and I hope some day you and my friends can sit for a cup of coffee and discuss music, film, and other exciting topics. By the way, if you ever get a chance to catch one of my gigs, and feel ever-so incline to buy me a drink, get me a coffee with Irish cream.