Thursday, May 17, 2018

Introducing Morayo Vessel

     Success in music is achieved by keeping busy. Nigerian born vocalist and guitarist Morayo Vessel is doing just that. Morayo Vessel has lived most of her life in the Houston, TX area of the United States.

     Morayo Vessel has worked with various Houston, New York, and international artist, and advertising companies. Morayo Vessel has been involved in the music community before 2013 in Katy, TX, in the Houston area. Morayo Vessel has recorded consistently since 2015, starting with her R&B/Soul recording "Adupe".

     "Said & Done" was a self produced recording project that predates "Adupe". It appears Morayo Vessel`s Go Fund Me campaign was a success, and "Said & Done" was released on January 22,2017. Morayo Vessel`s latest project is a collaboration with artist/producer Johnny Drille called "Happy". Happy is a feel good love song written by Morayo Vessel, and was released April 20, 2018 by Showgear Records. Comments posted on Facebook is consistent - beautiful song/music is used to describe "Happy".

     Currently, Morayo Vessel resides in New York City, NY. I wish Morayo Vessel great success and a sustained career in music. Please go to iTunes to purchase music from Morayo Vessel.